Murphy’s Senior Tradition

Danietta McMillian, Reporter

In the spring of 1926, seniors from Barton Academy walked to their new school, Murphy High, with a story in mind. They came up with the idea to have students speak at their graduation. This began the tradition of senior speaker....

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The Teacher of the Year Is…

Hayley Bolar, Reporter

“What we do is for the children, and knowing the children have chosen me makes me feel good. It is the highlight of my year."

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Gear Up For 2017!

Josiane Lelo, Reporter

The semester has come to an end, and somehow you barely pulled through all the deadlines and the all teachers seemed to just add work on top of your already unorganized pile of assignments. Can you blame them? You le...

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Serving Up A New Season

Tithalia Lockett, Reporter

On Wednesday, February 8th, 2017, the Murphy High Tennis Team participated in their first match of the season. The team has been preparing for the game by getting to know each other and having many practices to improve their...

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  • The Ball Is In Our Court January 17
  • New Year, New Team, Same Tradition January 17
  • In Remembrance of Quitman Clarke January 9

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Run Panther, Run!

Vincent Thomas, Reporter

Students, staff, and family join at Murphy for the 5k panther run on Saturday, January 21st, 2017. Mobile and the surrounding area was under tornado watch that entire weekend. They didn’t let that...

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Murphy’s Senior Tradition

February 20

Project Semicolon

January 19

JEWELS: Girl Power!

January 9

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