Let’s Rock and Roll with Robotics!

Melvin Wheaton, Repoter

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Robotics club is an interesting and life changing club. Individuals that join learn techniques that they can later use in the real world. Robotics is [a] branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation of robots. Students learn and develop skills that make them interested in a career field that pays $74,284-$105,315 annually. At Murphy High School, Ms. Hutto takes pride in teaching Robotics. Students are eager to enter her class [to] perform and learn robotic techniques and [conduct] experiments. Ms. Hutto teaches you to work together as a team to make a mechanism that could possibly [change] the way of life one day.This will be Murphy’s second year of having a Robotics club and team since the Christmas day tornadoes. Murphy will become a part of the Jubilee BEST Robotics Hub and participate in competitions here in Mobile and in the state of Alabama. On kick-off day, every team in the Jubilee BEST Hub come together in one area for the unveiling of [that] year’s official robotics course. The game course and official rules are given out to each team participating. All [of the] best materials to build the team’s robot are also distributed. On game-day, teams from 40 schools in the southern Alabama and the Mississippi gulf coast come together and compete against one another. The top six teams move on to South’s BEST Regionals competition- a prestigious honor for a Robotics team.

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Let’s Rock and Roll with Robotics!